In Honor and Memory of “Mama” a COMMUNITY CAT

This tribute is in memory of “Mama” who was a community cat here in Orange County. For those of you

who do not know what a community cat is (also referred to as a feral cat), they are unowned cats that

live in our communities that are the offspring of former tame/owned cats that were either abandoned

or lost and because they weren’t spayed or neutered gave birth to kittens in any semi safe place they

could find. These kittens of these former tame cats grow up “feral” and unsocialized to the human

touch. The cycle continues when any surviving kittens grow up and have kittens of their own. These

community cats if trapped and taken to animals shelters are euthanized because they are fearful of

people and not considered adoptable. They are however very complex and loving creatures who form

tight knit groups with each other and can live very long, healthy and fulfilling lives under the care of a


Mama was one such cat. Mama’s exact age was not known since she was an adult cat who had already

had several litters of kittens when her caregiver discovered her and her colony mates at her workplace

trying to eke out a meager existence. Mama and all of her colony mates were trapped one by one

and taken to be spayed and neutered with vouchers provided by the Orange County SPCA, and then

returned to where they had been living. They were provided food and water and looked after for over

a decade. Mama and her colony mates loved each other very much and had very happy lives. Mama’s

age eventually caught up with her and her caregiver was able to retrap her and bring her home where

she spent her final days curled up in the sun in a soft cushy bed.

Mama was dearly loved by her caregiver. This tribute in not only in memory of Mama who passed away

in March, 2014, but to all the community cats here in Orange County and everywhere who deserve to

live their lives in peace and love. If you have ever known a community cat who crossed your path and

didn’t know how to help it, please consider making a donation in memory of Mama and specify that

your donation is to go to the OCCATS program which provides free spay/neuter vouchers to the public

to get community/feral cats like Mama fixed.   DONATE NOW