Create a Tribute or Celebration

Create Your Special Tribute or Celebration Page Today

Creating a tribute or celebration page is simple.

Start by putting your name and email address in the first two blanks.  Your name will appear on the tribute or celebration page as the “creator.”  Let us know what type of tribute or celebration you are creating by choosing one of the categories listed (Tribute, Celebration, Event, Team, Group) or insert your own custom type of tribute or celebration.  The “Tribute Title” will be the title at the top of your custom page that tells people a little bit about who or what your are paying tribute to or celebrating.  “Tribute Honoree” is that special person, pet, event or team/group you are honoring.  Then, write a short narrative on why you are honoring that special person, pet, event or team/group.  Lastly, upload an image for your page.

Within 72 hours, the Orange County SPCA will review your custom tribute or celebration page and post it on our website.  You can then link your custom tribute or celebration page to your Facebook page or email a link to your tribute or celebration page to family and friends.  Family and friends will then be able view your custom tribute or celebration page.  And, if family and friends wish to donate to the OCSPCA in honor of your tribute or celebration to help animals in need, all they have to do is hit the blue “DONATE NOW” button on your personal page.

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