OCSPCA Programs

Helping People and Animals Alike

Our programs provide direct help to animals and provide education and assistance to the people in our community as well.

All the OCSPCA programs help carry out the organization’s mission in advocating the humane treatment of animals through education, financial assistance to low income pet owners, the promotion of the animal/human bond and cruelty prevention.

Animal Relief Fund (ARF)

Financial assistance for low-income pet owners for spay/neuter and vet bills

Our ARF Animal Relief Fund assists low-income pet owners with emergency veterinary care and provides low cost spay/neuter assistance for residents of Orange County, California who need to get their pet spayed or neutered. Spay/Neuter Vouchers Learn more about why it is important to spay and neuter your pets HERE. Please note this program… Read More »

Cruelty Intervention

Education and resources to stop cruelty to animals

Reporting animal cruelty in Orange County can be a bit confusing. Many cities in Orange County contract with Orange County Animal Care (OCAC) which is the shelter in the city of Orange. This is considered the “county” shelter, and they provide animal control services and have a shelter facility for keeping animals. The Orange County… Read More »

Home Again Pet Networking (HAPN)

Our Home Again Pet Networking (HAPN) program was created as a tool to help find homes for animals in need. Through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, our website, and email blasts, we hope to reach more people who will be able to help network and re-home these precious pets. UPDATE: On September… Read More »

No Empty Bowls

Pet food bank for low-income and homeless pet owners

Cat and Dog Share Food

Our “No Empty Bowls” pet food bank program helps pet owners feed their pets during times of need. The program receives both in-kind donations of food and money to purchase food. The Orange County SPCA aims to not only make a difference in the lives of animals in need but to also improve the… Read More »

Animal Safe House

Refuge for pets of victims of domestic violence

The OCSPCA provides temporary refuge for pets of victims of domestic violence.  Because animals are family members, victims of domestic violence can be reluctant to leave their pets behind to enter the safety of a domestic violence shelter. The OCSPCA will work with victims and their case workers to develop a plan to assist with boarding… Read More »

Orange County Cares About Cats (OCCATS)

Assistance for feral/community cats

Orange County Cares About Cats (OCCATS) is a program of the Orange County SPCA that provides assistance with controlling the population of Community/Feral cats through a program called Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). This program is only for Feral/Community cats. If you are applying for a voucher to spay/neuter a PET cat that is domesticated, please apply… Read More »

Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS)

Pet assisted therapy dog program provides comfort to patients, students, the young, the old and those in pain

PAWS is our pet assisted therapy program that travels throughout Orange County.  Our more than 125 volunteers and their dogs spend time at nursing homes, psychiatric hospitals, hospice and children’s homes to help bring joy and encouragement to the disabled, bedridden and neglected.We have monthly visits to more than 24 facilities in Orange County including… Read More »

Canine Literacy Program

Pet assisted reading program for children

Learning to read is important, but learning to enjoy reading is equally important. What better way to nurture the joy of reading than reading to a furry friend! The goal of the OCSPCA Canine Literacy Program is to help reduce the anxiety students feel when reading aloud, to improve reading fluency and reading comprehension… Read More »

Kindness Kids

Education program that teaches children the proper care of animals

Kindness Kids is a Humane Education program of the OCSPCA. It is offered to students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Our Kindness Kids program teaches the basic principles of kindness toward all living creatures, responsible pet care, and respect for wild animals. The students are also taught how to act responsibly and safely around… Read More »

PAWS Assist the Needs of the District Attorney (PANDA)

PAWS Assist the Needs of the District Attorney (PANDA) is a joint program with the Orange County District Attorney’s Office (OCDA). It uses selected memebrs of our Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS) Therapy Dogs to help comfort child victims of sexual assault and abuse while they meet with OCDA staff to prepare for their… Read More »