Susan Kang’s ’50ish’ Birthday – Honoring Sasha

Susan Kang’s 50ish Birthday Celebration

in Honor of PAWS Therapy Dog “Sasha”


Please consider contributing to celebrate Susan Kang’s 50ish birthday to honor her spirit animal Sasha who passed way after honorably serving as a Pets Are Wonderful Support (P.A.W.S.) dog.  Sasha was born in Mexico and was given up by her previous owner because he wanted Sasha to have a better life.  Susan adopted Sasha who was very thin after surviving flea/tick infestations and giving birth to multiple puppies.  Sasha was initially very dog aggressive, but she earned the distinction of “Canine Good Citizen” and acceptance to the P.A.W.S. program after months of vigorous training.  Sasha certainly lived up to her new name Princess Sasha del Mar and luxuriated in her life of privilege, but she also loved giving back by visiting seniors, orphans, and special needs kids.  One of Sasha’s favorite person to visit was a World war II veteran named Sal.  Sadly, Sasha died unexpectedly after an acute illness.
Donate for Susan Kang’s Birthday Tribute
Susan would appreciate any donation that ends in 50 cents to raise money for P.A.W.S.  so they can continue to bring smiles to so many people in need!