Princess “Ruby”…always in our hearts.


I adopted Ruby from a Petco adoption day in Northern California almost 13 years ago. When my childhood cat Cori had passed away just a few months before I said to myself the next kitten I had would be named Ruby and have a “Ruby” jeweled collar. On that day I spotted Ruby a tiny runt, and sad looking…she perked up when I stopped to look at her. I held her by my right shoulder and she immediately nestled her head by my ear, started purring and relaxed. In that moment I knew I had found my Ruby. She had a princess life. She had a “sister” cat and a “brother” – a dog I rescued on the side of a highway. Ruby definitely used her 9 lives having overcome Fatty liver disease over 3 years ago. When we knew her health was deteriorating these past few months we took her to the beach one day when I thought she only had a few more days left. The sand and sun and walking by the ocean really revived her and she lived 4 more months! We were grateful for that extra time to make memories with our Princess Ruby. My son misses his big “sister” but he knows she’s now playing with our Nana in heaven. We miss you Ruby. Xoxo Sept.2002 – July 10, 2015