Jeff – The ultimate animal lover with a heart of gold

As a young boy growing up in Irvine, CA, Jeff always had a smile and animal nearby. He loved all creatures, lizards, frogs, snakes, lady bugs, but his biggest love was for dogs. Jeff made friends wherever he went and would always stop to help a stray animal.Unfortunately, Jeff was called to round up the stray animals in heaven, and I can see him with even a wider smile on his face surrounded by tail wagging dogs and cats. Jeff leaves behind his best buddy Duke, a yellow lab who was always at Jeff’s side since Jeff got him as a pup in 2005. He also leaves behind Daisy, a two year old Dalmatian mix he rescued as a pup.

Jeff taught me that humans can also give unconditional love to animals. As Jeff’s father, I am grateful for the 36 wonderful years I got to spend with him. I will watch over Duke and Daisy until they join Jeff in Heaven.

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Jerry Davis