In Memory of Mattie

The Girl that Started it All

It was a Saturday afternoon and I was driving down a busy street in Huntington Beach when out of the corner of my eye I saw a small straggly looking black and white dog walking down the street.

I had my husband in the car with me and I turned to him and said “did you see that?”  His eyes had also caught a glimpse of this small dog walking down the street and we made a quick u-turn and pulled over.  To my surprise, when we opened the back door to our car, she jumped right in.  We took this little dog home and were immediately struck by the terrible condition she was in.

She was thirsty, hungry, had matted hair with hundreds of burrs stuck in it and smelled terribly.  I had an event to attend that night so when I left the house my husband said that he would care for this little dog until I got home.  Well, when I got home latter that night our little rescue had a name – Mattie, because of her matted hair.  After much TLC, vet care and looking for her owners for three weeks, Mattie became a member of our family.

It was from that day on that I became what I call a “stray magnet.”  It was also from that day on that I knew my calling in life was to help animals in need.  Mattie showed me the way.  I will forever be grateful for Mattie’s unconditional love and for her showing me the difference a rescue can make in someone’s life.        DONATE NOW