In Loving Memory of Malak (Angel)

Before Malak (means angels) came into my life, I’ve always envisioned myself having a blonde cocker. Then when I met him, I knew he was the one and rearranged my life to make him a member of my family. Malak truly was (is) a sweet angel who showed me the utmost loyalty and unconditional love for 16 years. He loved to eat as cockers usually do, and we spent a lot of time at the dog park, hiking and sunset walks at the beach. I lived in Miami for a year so he’s even driven across the country with me. We’d been to the southern most part of the US. Unlikely for a cocker, he didn’t like the water even though he was a good swimmer and dreaded bath time. One of the most special experiences I’ve shared with Malak is volunteering with PAWS OCSPCA to visit senior assisted living facility in Huntington Beach for many years. That’s why I picked a picture of him from about 7 years ago in his PAWS uniform. I’m so lucky to have him my life for all those years.     Donate Now in Memory of Malak!