Dorothy Holzwarth Memorial

Dorothy was an animal lover and her dogs were part of the family and always treated with respect and kindness.

She rescued “Chet Atkins”, a beagle/basset hound mix, who became a member of the family.

Next was Charlie, another beagle/hound mix, who was at her side for many years. Dorothy and Charlie spent many early mornings at the dog park visiting with their many friends. They attended obedience training 3 times and finally graduated. Dorothy was given an award for perseverance.

Then came her beloved Mikey, a miniature schnauzer, her constant companion during her later years. They loved to take walks, watch the squirrels and dance.

During her last years spent at a board and care, Dorothy always had a smile and treat ready for the therapy dogs that came to visit.

We are sure that Dorothy is again taking long walks with her best friends.    DONATE NOW