Saving animals as a Happy Birthday to Adrea

I love finding the perfect gift for someone on their birthday! But I am not a big fan of celebrating my own. Some years I just prefer to pretend it doesn’t exist. I thought about ignoring this year’s birthday too but then I had an idea…

I have a social media presence on multiple channels plus my very own website. So why not put them to good use and raise funds for something I care about? And there are few things I care about more than animals. I have loved and lost my share of animals but last fall I experienced one of the hardest losses of my life when my beloved 19-year-old cat Tigger passed. That’s him in the photo with me.

The joy, comfort, and love that Tigger gave me through the years was invaluable. And I know that anybody who has shared their home and life with an animal feels the same way. It’s an instant bond when you meet somebody and start talking about your pets. Just last weekend I was at an event and stopped to talk to a couple with their dog and the wife told me all about how her dog was a service dog and saved her life.

I want to raise funds for the OCSPCA so that people can continue to have the life changing experience that it is to rescue a pet and welcome them into your lives.

OCSPCA is located in Huntington Beach, CA.