OCSPCA Assistance Program

Orange County Cares About Cats (OCCATS)

Orange County Cares About Cats (OCCATS) is a program of the Orange County SPCA that provides assistance with controlling the population of Community/Feral cats through a program called Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR).

This program is only for Feral/Community cats. If you are applying for a voucher to spay/neuter a PET cat that is domesticated, please apply through our ARF Spay/Neuter Voucher program  Domestic Spay/Neuter Program

Community/feral cats are generally the descendants of people’s pets who were not spayed and neutered and were either abandoned, lost or the result of uncontrolled breeding where they were left to fend for themselves.  They have had limited or no close contact with people and are therefore fearful of people.  Because of their lack of socialization with people they are unadoptable and if taken to a shelter face certain death.

Although these cats will never become cuddly lap cats they can live harmoniously in our communities and live very fulfilling lives outdoors. They can live, survive and thrive in almost every landscape and kindhearted people everywhere are stepping up to help these cats by controlling their populations by getting them spayed and neutered through a program called TNR Trap/Neuter/Return.  TNR is the nationally recognized, most effective long term solution with dealing with feral cats.

Feral CatWith TNR cats are humanely trapped, transported to a vet to be fixed and then returned to the location where they came from to live out their lives free from reproducing.  While at the vet their right ear is tipped to give a visual indicator to anyone coming in contact with this cat in the future that this cat has been fixed.  Spaying and neutering a community/feral cat generally fixes all the frequent complaints such as uncontrolled breeding, fighting, yowling and spraying.  Managed colonies also tend to police themselves and control the number of cats in the area, not to mention the free service of rodent control.

For those who cannot afford it, the Orange County SPCA provides vouchers to get feral cats fixed. We also provide counseling on how to do TNR and loan out humane traps if needed.

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Help Solve The Problem

The Orange County SPCA is proud to be a part of the solution to end the cruel practice of trapping feral cats and taking them to the shelter to be euthanized.  With your help we can end this cruel practice and be part of a solution that not only is compassionate but effective.

Trappers and Donations to support TNR are always needed.  Please call the OCSPCA at (714) 964-4445 or e-mail us if you can help, thank you!

For further information on Community/Feral cats visit the following websites:

NOTE: The OCSPCA is unable to take in any rescued or surrendered animals at this time.