Latest News – Tips for the Howlidays

Pug-and-Cat-Christmas-Pictures   The holidays are steadily approaching, and people everywhere are pondering what to get their loved ones. If buying a puppy or other pet for someone is a possibility in your mind, “paws” for a moment and consider this:

Animals purchased as Christmas presents are more than likely bought out of the overwhelming spirit of the season. It is easy to overlook and neglect to factor in the commitment, time, energy, money, and attention a little one would need. Adding a new member to the family is a decision better made after the holidays when everyone can rationally and appropriately assess if they are ready to take on such a great responsibility.

Don’t shop – adopt! By adopting a dog from a shelter, you are saving its life from the risk of being put down, while boycotting pet shops who get their animals from abusive puppy mills. There are multiple repercussions to buying a dog from a puppy store. They often come home with health issues because of the harsh and inhumane conditions they were forced to live in.

It is better that the person you want to give a pet to gets to meet and choose who their new companion and friend will be. If you buy or adopt an animal for them, chances are that they won’t be as compatible or drawn to each other as they could, or should, be. Some shelters have adoption certificates that you could purchase and give as gifts. Wrap the certificate with some pet supplies and pet care books for under the tree, and plan a trip to a local shelter!

‘Tis the season to give an animal a second chance at love and a happy life!