Animal in Need – Sparky

Sparky needs your help to be able to walk again!SGX004x9Mtt7fT2s99TGi-9mhrF48b7W82vyWPJyl1o

We can’t believe this has happened again! Sparky the Chihuahua mix was attacked by another dog. Sparky was minding his own business playing in his yard when another dog broke through the fence and attacked him. This little guy is only 2 years old and was originally rescued by his owner from a busy parking lot.

Sparky has many bite wounds and an injury to his spine. He is not able to use the lower portion of his body which includes being unable to relieve himself completely. Poor Sparky can’t walk right now, but this is treatable! If Sparky gets the surgery he needs he should have a complete recovery including the use of his back legs, but the clock is ticking! He needs a specialized surgery immediately and the veterinarian cannot move forward and schedule the procedure with the specialty surgeon until the deposit has been made. The animal hospital is discounting the treatment as much as possible, but we still need your help! The OCSPCA is contributing to the surgery and the owner is able to afford only a small portion since she has had to pay for his emergency care since the incident. Please consider making a donation in Sparky’s name today!

If the OCSPCA receives more donations than what is needed for Sparky’s surgery, the rest of the donations will be placed into our general Animal Rescue Fund. For more information about the ARF program which contributes to animals like Sparky, please visit the main ARF page here.

Update 7/20/2013

Sparky has received the funding needed to get his surgery and it has been scheduled. We will update this space as more information comes available to us.

Update 8/16/2013

Once in surgery the specialized surgeon determined that the nerve damage was beyond repair. They did what they could for him, but Sparky will most likely not regain the use of his back legs although he is able to wag his tail in appreciation. The OCSPCA donated a special cart for Sparky so he can get around and his owner is dedicated to caring for his special needs. Sparky is pain free and is adapting to using his new cart and is happy to be home with his family and furry friends. Thank you for the outpouring of compassion for Sparky and his family!

Check out this video of Sparky in his cart!!