Animals in Need – Let’s Help Tyrael So He Can Eat Again!


Hello there, my name is Tyrael. I was found in a local colony of kitty cats. I evaded capture for many, many weeks. I was brilliant. One day, I had a lapse of judgement and was brought in to get a quick checkup and neuter.
The next day I was taken on a visit to see the fine folks at Cat Care Clinic (CCC) in Orange, CA. During the examination, CCC notice that my teeth were in bad shape. To quote the CCC, “Severe advanced periodontal disease with infection (he needs almost full mouth extractions, he may be able to keep all 4 canine teeth). Proliferative/inflamed gum tissue associated with the periodontal disease (most likely inflammatory, much less likely cancerous).” They also listed me at 5.38 lbs and called me very underweight. Hey, I like to think of myself as pound per pound the toughest kitty out there! I guess since my teeth have been hurting me, I haven’t been eating very well. My mouth dropped upon hearing my examination results. I guess that is why I had lapsed in my grooming and with the fleas I was pulling chunks of fur from my body.
My human helpers have been very dedicated to helping me and the other kitty cats at several colonies and they need some help to get me healthy again. The one with the long hair has been very nice to me. I’ve allowed her to pet me a few times after a few weeks of honoring me with tributes of food, water, and cleaning up after me. I give her a head butt every now and then, but not too often. I don’t want it to think I am a big softie.

I came out negative for my viral snap tests (e.g., FIV and FeLV) which is great. This gives me a great chance of a full recovery if I am able to schedule my periodontal surgery.

I am hoping that a few kind humans might help me raise some of these green looking things so I can get my mouth taken care of. If you find it in your heart to pledge even the smallest amount, I will be internally meow-ful.

Any amount that you can give is greatly appreciated! $5.00 or $50.00 – Every donation helps us save animals in our community- it all adds up!