Animal in Need – Lilly

Lilly Needs Surgery for her Leg!

W8Nb7w0YE23HFKQW19spaK9YOzyd9TkxCmzMTsmgPJELilly is a Catahoula Cur Mix that is 6 months old. She just moved to California from our of state with her humans. They weren’t  aware that there was a loose piece of flooring and Lilly’s nail got stuck. She panicked, pulled and twisted which broke her leg in two places near the growth plate. Lilly’s owner took her immediately to the pet hospital because she was crying in pain non-stop and had an obviously serious injury. Unfortunately her owner was unable to afford the high cost of surgery. The next morning she began reaching out for help. Lilly is now at an animal hospital, on pain meds and getting cage rest. Her surgery has been scheduled for Monday morning. Please help us raise the funds needed for Lilly’s surgery by donating even just $5 towards her care.


8/19/2013 Update!

Lilly’s owner sent us a video! Click here to see Lilly in action!

So far we have raised $700 in Lilly’s name! This is a huge help to Lilly, but it’s still just shy of the $1200 surgery she needs. Please consider making even a donation as small as $5 to help this adorable little girl.

If the OCSPCA receives more donations than what is needed for Lilly’s surgery, the rest of the donations will be placed into our general Animal Rescue Fund. For more information about the ARF program which contributes to animals like Lilly, please visit the main ARF page here.