Animal in Need – Daisy

Daisy needs an amputation that will save her lifeIMAG91104

Daisy the Great Pyrenees mix accidentally got underneath a horse and her paw was crushed and torn off. There are two infected open wounds and her leg needs to be amputated immediately before the infection spreads to her heart.

Daisy’s owner is now a single mom of two boys and had to move in with family because of their financial circumstances. Daisy is helping her family through these rough times and they can’t imagine life without her.

Update 7/18/2013:

Daisy’s surgery was very complicated and took much longer than was originally intended, but it looks like she pulled through. Right now Daisy is at the animal hospital being monitored post surgery. They are expecting a full recovery and she should be released back into her owner’s care by the end of the week!

If the OCSPCA receives more donations than what is needed for Daisy’s surgery, the rest of the donations will be placed into our general Animal Rescue Fund. For more information about the ARF program which contributes to animals like Daisy, please visit the main ARF page here.


Update 7/23/2013:

Daisy is now an out-patient and is doing much better. She is adapting to only having three legs and is recovering nicely. Her family is forever grateful and we cannot thank everyone enough for helping to keep this family together.
Pictured is Daisy and Fernanda one of Mesa West Pet Hospital’s amazing Vet Techs. A huge sincere thank you to Dr. Lepera and her staff who take such great care of all the animals we refer to them.