In late October, Lynne noticed that Hallie was not feeling well, concerned for her condition, she rushed her to her veterinarian. Faced with a deadly and expensive condition, she reached out to the OCSPCA for help.

This is her story.

This is Hallie. She is 11 Months old. She was a rescue from the streets of Bakersfield. When I found her she was a bag of bones barely alive. I got her healthy and got her shots and was waiting to have her spayed at end of the Month. Suddenly she became extremely ill. After going back and forth with Vets she had a blockage and needed emergency surgery. Once they opened her up they realized she had Pyometra. This is a bacterial disease that dogs get when they are not spayed. It can kill them in 24-48 Hours if infected uterus ruptures. It’s very painful and makes them very sick. A simple spay procedure can turn into a bill of thousands of dollars or worse, cost you the life of your fur baby. In my case my bills exceeded $2000. I was panicked and not sure how I would pay it. I have been out of work from hand surgery for over 12 weeks. Thru the help of HB PET VET I was blessed with help from several organizations including OCSPCA and their kind hearts helped to pay my bill.  Now Hallie is happy and healthy. Remember spay and neuter saves more lives than you think . SPAY YOUR PETS.

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