Animalia’s Day of the Dog, Dog Appreciation Day!

Animalia will be celebrating the Day of the Dog, a day that is dedicated to returning the love Animalia receives its canine friends. Come join the OCSPCA at Animalia on Saturday, August 26 from 12-4 PM for contests, games, prizes, vendors, pictures and more! To participate, a donate food to the OCSPCA’s No Empty Bowls pet food pantry.



Contest Itinerary                                                                 Entry Fee

12:00 PM – Longest Stay Command                                         One (1) Event: One 12 oz. can of dog food
12:30 PM – Recall to Owner                                                        or Two cans of cat food
1:00 PM – Most Unique Trick
2:00 PM – Puppachino Eating Contest                                     Four (4) Events:  One 4 lb bag of dog or cat food
2:30 PM – Kissing Contest
3:00 PM – Biggest/Smallest Dog (by weight)                          All Events:  One 15 lb bag of dog or cat food
3:30 PM – Treasure Hunt